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Our History

Wallen Antennae began in 1981, designing and manufacturing antennas for mobile radio applications. By 1983, demand had increased such that production had to be moved to larger premises in Kent. The company has subsequently continued to expand its production and product ranges to become a leader in high-performance, high-reliability antennas for professional radio including cellular telephones, two-way and business radio, marine applications and paging systems, as well as voltage converters.


Today, Wallen is one of the largest UK antenna companies, with a great reputation for product quality plus serious R&D, and would often be called upon to “fix” problems created by other suppliers. As a result, experienced professionals now use us as their first choice for solutions that absolutely must be “right first time”. Currently, much of our profit is earned from R&D for many of the best-known brands in communications plus non-disclosure work for government, military and other covert sectors.


Our specialised research and manufacturing facilities are in Ramsgate (on the Kent coast in England). This site is close to Manston Airport (an ex-military airfield that has become London’s fourth international airport) and is near to the Channel Tunnel rail link to France. This region is a prime target for investment in businesses exporting to Europe and beyond. Thus Wallen is ideally positioned to customise, assemble and distribute products to every European market through an existing network of specialist resellers with all the resources to gain fast-track national approvals for every product. There are many different standards authorities to satisfy for each European country & sector!


Local agents and distributors are established in Eire, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and the USA. Exports to other countries are consigned directly to customers. These customers include the police and other emergency services, as well as OEMs, wholesalers and other distributors or large users of radio equipment.


Among the milestones in our successful development is the Wallen Cellmaster, a cellular antenna that won the British Design Award in 1987.


Notably, we remain the only antenna manufacturer to have achieved this plaudit. Our commitment to providing reliable, technically advanced products and services tailored to each customers needs, results in high performance with low cost of ownership. Our excellent reputation will continue to be built upon designing and providing the best overall solution on time, every time.


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