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Duplexer & Diplexer Signal Filters



A high-quality range of diplexers and duplexers, to filter and isolate

separate signals from a single antenna. Well-proven in many covert operations, at the highest level.


  • Certified in VHF, UHF, cellular and other bands
  • Wide choice of operating frequencies from < 84MHz to >2.5GHz
  • Low insertion loss, high performance.

Precise filtering and isolation of different channels

through one antenna


There are many applications in which you may wish to use more than one channel for communication, but do not wish to have multiple antennae. Perhaps there might be a space restriction (such as on a motorcycle or small craft), or you do not wish to draw attention to a “forest” of different antennae (maybe on a car being used for covert surveillance).


With Wallen Mobile Filters, it would be possible to use a single antenna (matching the original vehicle design) on an unmarked Police vehicle handling communications that use different channels. This could allow the occupants to combine GSM cellular access with the Police radio band, and still tune in to their favourite radio station, meanwhile! 





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