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Quick & easy super-safe installation process


Wallen Voltage Convertors are very easy to install:

The convertor should be suitably sited.

Use two self-drilling screws to fix the bracket, then click the convertor into place. 

Connect the positive and negative leads to the required equipment then connect the vehicle (supply) to the negative and positive input terminals.

Ensure that in-line fuses are used on both sides of the convertor - and  it's ready!



Super-safe Installation


Wallen “S” voltage convertors use intelligent monitoring circuitry as a safety feature designed into the convertor, to provide soft and non-damaging shutdown.


Two LEDs on the front interconnection panel indicate the operating status of the voltage covertor: If the green LED is lit, the convertor is operating normally.

If neither the green nor the red LED is lit, there is a 24V supply problem.

If the red LED is lit, then there is a problem on the output side - probably a short circuit or a wrong-polarity connection.




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