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Vehicle Internal Tri-Com Transducer Fittings





Tri-Com GPS Tri-Com  





Tri-Com Fittings

How to fit your Tri-Com transducer system for maximum performance:

1.   Choose a fixed window (preferably the windscreen or rear window) and clean it.

2.   Select the best position for fixing the Tri-Com, ensuring that at least 35mm of cable extends from the edge of the window and at right angles to the Tri-Com transducer head (see fig below). We recommend fitting behind the rear view mirror, where the Tri-Com will be unobtrusive from inside the vehicle and the GPS version can "see" the sky.

3.   Remove the backing from the transducer head and press carefully on to the window. Once exposed, the adhesive “grabs” quickly, especially in warm conditions.

4.   Feed the co-axial cable around the screen and connect to the car kit via the FME socket. If your PDA or cellphone car kit is not fitted with an FME connector, ask your supplier for the correct adaptor.

5.   Finally, conceal the co-axial cable behind the vehicle trim taking care not to damage the cable(s).




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