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Vehicle Internal Tri-Com Antenna



Triple band transducer for supreme GSM PCN and UMTS reception in any vehicle.  Quick and easy to install discreetly, without tools. Also available with a built-in GPS antenna.

  • Triple band operation (900MHz, 1.8GHz and UMTS) built into one tiny, stick-on antenna

  • Option for built-in GPS antenna

  • High performance, high security

  • Fits any vehicle, no holes, no tools

  • Safe from vandalism and car wash damage


Discreet screen-fixing antenna for high-performance GSM/PCN/UMTS operation.  The Wallen Tri-Com offers high antenna performance for mobile phones, to minimise call dropouts. It provides an efficient in-vehicle alternative or replacement for any conventional antenna.


Switch on your phone and Tri-Com will automatically operate with GSM or PCN or UMTS networks, enabling you to use (and swap between) all types of cellphone without having to change the car antenna system. It also operates with the new breed of multi-band cellphones. If you use a global positioning system (perhaps with a PDA for vehicle navigation or other applications), then you can order Tri-Com with an active 26dB GPS antenna built-in.


Tri-Com is designed for optimum performance, featuring a neat transducer system housed in a flexible moulding. This makes it supremely cost effective compared to alternative antennae and there is no need to drill holes in the vehicle bodywork when installing. With no external parts, Tri-Com avoids wind noise, drag and the danger of vandalism associated with conventional antennae.


As a result, Tri-Com is an ideal antenna for cabriolets and GRP vehicles. The design is ground plane independent and can be orientated vertically, horizontally or at a convenient angle on any fixed (non-opening) window in a vehicle. Ideally, the Tri-Com is best positioned on the windscreen behind the interior mirror or on the rear window, to provide an unobtrusive yet powerful antenna.




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