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Wallen 48-12V Voltage Convertors


An innovative new concept in voltage conversion, with 

 broadband input voltage and high efficiency



  • 24-48v (18-55v) input to 13.2v output

  • Switch-mode efficiency

  • High performance, high reliability
  • Compact size

  • Suitable for 24v HGV & 48v Fork Lift


Switch-mode operation, with broadband input range and lifetime warranty


Wallen voltage convertors have been developed specifically to provide high performance and reliability. They feature a broad-band input voltage range, allowing them to be used in both 24v and 48v applications, including 24v heavy goods vehicles and electric fork lift trucks. They can easily be installed by people whose level of expertise may be unknown to you. (For details of our quick & easy super-safe installation process, click on the link below.)


Wallen voltage convertors will operate over a wider input voltage range and at a lower cranking voltage than rival designs. Different versions are available to support a wide range of applications, typically for mobile communications and a growing variety of portable devices. All versions are highly efficient and extremely compact and all offer protection against overload, reverse polarity and short circuits.

One broadband Convertor - multiple applications

24 to 13.2v applications


24 to 48 to 13.2v applications





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