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Wallen 24-12V Voltage Convertors


An innovative new concept in voltage conversion, with built-in protection for

equipment and vehicle electrics



  • 24-13.2 volt switch-mode operation
  • High performance, high reliability

  • Soft Shutdown fault protection
  •  Isolated and non-isolated versions


Wallen Voltage Convertors are available in isolated versions for use on isolated-return vehicles, such as petro-chemical tankers.




Switch-mode conversion, with unbeatable protection

and lifetime warranty


Wallen voltage convertors have been developed specifically to provide high performance and reliability. They feature intelligent monitoring circuitry for “Soft-Shutdown” to completely avoid short-circuit, overload and wiring fault problems protecting not only the equipment driven, but also the vehicle wiring and systems. Soft-Shutdown can be important in applications where the voltage convertors might be retro-fitted by people whose level of expertise may be unknown to you. (For details of our quick & easy super-safe installation process, click on the link below.)


Wallen voltage convertors will operate over a wider input voltage range and at a lower cranking voltage than rival designs. Different versions are available to support a wide range of applications, typically in vehicles (and particularly for a growing variety of mobile communications). Non-isolated versions are supplied with the unique extra protection of Soft-Shutdown. Our sophisticated Isolated versions do not normally require Soft-Shutdown (but this can be added to special order) and are thus ideal for price-sensitive applications such as volume manufacturing. All versions are highly efficient and extremely compact and all offer protection against overload, reverse polarity and short circuits.


Intelligent Monitoring Circuitry


If a short circuit or voltage overload occurs during operation, Wallen voltage convertors are designed to shut down and send only low current to the output side. These convertors are designed to recover when either the input is disconnected (and subsequently reconnected); or the offending load is removed, the problem rectified and that load reconnected. Our intelligent monitoring circuitry prevents fuses being blown, which can happen with other types of convertor that could threaten connected equipment (even equipment that has a protection diode).


If a fault condition occurs, the Wallen intelligent shut-down circuit switches in so fast that the protective fuse on the output side of the convertor will not blow. Furthermore, Wallen convertors will continue to run at maximum current all day if there is no fault ...and due to their highly-specified design, these convertors are able to provide continued operation even at 20% overload for extended periods.




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