About Us


Wallen Antennae manufacture covert antennas to the highest of standards for all vehicles including motorcycles to match the look of the OEM original, and ‘hidden’ options where applicable, as well as body worn solutions. The design, manufacture and testing of all antenna assemblies are all carried out by our internal research and development team.

Because we can’t use ‘off the shelf’ components our engineering department creates the bespoke parts, selecting the best materials for the job; including brass and copper for radiators and P.T.F.E. for insulators resulting in best performance, and in some cases even for very high power applications.

This approach is the best way to guarantee maximum attainable efficiency – as some clients have discovered when trying budget alternatives then choosing Wallen products.

Filters & Multiplexers

The range of mobile filters, multiplexers and duplexers offered by Wallen Antennae complement our range of covert antennas, operating in a wide range of frequencies from <25mhz up to>3GHz including domestic radio where required.

Whether using a number of antennas through one multiplexer into a single unit, a multi band antenna distributing through a multiplexer, splitting multiple radios into one antenna (or vice versa), or just about any combining requirement, our filters offer a combination of low line loss with high segmental isolation enabling complexity of application.

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